Tirthan Valley, Jibhi- Nature and Calmness

Jibhi is a magnificent place where you can spend quality time for a couple of days. Jibhi is an unexplored place and one can visit this place to experience the balance between nature and human life. It just feels good to be at this place. This place has a lot to offer like scrumptious food, comfortable and cozy stay, nature walks, trek for all kinds of people, etc.

As we were visiting this place for the first time we were expecting that it being not a popular place, hotels would not require pre booking but to our surprise all the hotels near the road were all booked. So after searching and walking for a while to some dark and empty road we were able to find an amazing cottage. The property was one of the best properties I have till now as it was along the stream side with an open space, perfect view and continuous flowing fresh water. Click here to check out the place.

There were few place to visit in tirthan valley.

1. Waterfall.

2. Temples.

3. Fort- Due to shortage of time I was not able to visit this place. Whenever I am not able visit some tourist place then it helps me and works as an motivation to go back to that place again and explore it.

4. Jalori pass- We’ll discuss about it in another post. This place have a couple of treks, maggi and tea to offer.

Due to the shortage of time we decided to visit the temple and waterfall. I always imagine myself travelling with no restriction of time but due to my curiosity to visit all the tourist destinations I end up visiting them in a hurry.  Temples are on some heights on the mountains. The temple we visited was 40mins walk on the trail going through the small villages. The locals are always willing to help on the way by offering food and showing us the way. The trail was like a small trek and it gave us an opportunity to dance on the mountains and record it as well. Click to watch the dance video.

On the top, following the trail we found a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was ancient and made of wood. The woods were coloured in red,white and yellow colours. It was located at a beautiful and serene place with an amazing view. The temple does not have many visitors as it was located in a secluded place but it does not disappoint anyone who visits it. The locals have a belief that you visit this temple only after your wish is granted and fulfilled.

There we met a local, an old man who was sitting there and his sheeps were pasturing. He shared with us about how old the trees of the mountains are and how these trees have witnessed the long history of humankind. He visits there often to pasture his sheeps. ‘The hairs of the sheep are my secondary source of income and I sell them once a year’ – he said.

A temple in the middle of trees where people worship Lord Shiva. It was a complete tranquil experience. We enjoyed the serenity and sat there for around an hour before leaving for Jibhi waterfall.

The way to Jibhi waterfall is alluring and calm. This place is pristine for the people who love to walk. It has tiny wooden bridges to cross the small stream of water. The path to the waterfall is a perfect example of human beings complementing the beauty of nature.  It has been made with calmness in mind. By experiencing it one can easily imagine that it has been made a tourist spot by putting in a lot of effort. This spot can be used to shoot some bollywood song.

Initially we thought we were the only young people travelling to Tirthan Valley but next day we saw a college group of around 50 (fifty) students arriving and then later a group of bikers. Then we realized this place is already popular and is not a hidden gem anymore but Tirthan valley still offers the true and mature calmness of nature. This can be the new destination of work from anywhere. In the next post we will talk about Jalori Pass which offers the adventurous side of Tirthan Valley.

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