First Time I Tried Weed.

After visiting  the Jibhi waterfall we headed to our hotel i.e. lato di hatti as it was getting dark and there are no street lights. 

Our hotel was at a beautiful site alongside a stream of fresh water. To savour this wonderful location we assembled the table and chairs alongside the stream. We were six people and two of them were non drinkers. It all started with setting up the hookah and placing bottles under the moon.

Rum, plastic glasses, soya katori(best chakna), Raw weed in plastic packet and clear moon night. We started with crushing the weed and separating the seeds. Most of the people don’t like this stage and always prefer to have a friend who can provide readymade joints.

Just like beginners one of us bluntly said that he won’t be trying weed and prefer to stay put with just hookah. So we asked him to grab some chakna from the room and while he was away we added some of the crushed weed into the hookah flavour. Going fast forward…. everything was prepared.

Oh! And I don’t smoke(cigarettes) so, we made a blunt joint(tobacco free).

Plastic glasses were filled with equal quantities of rum, coke and water. The night was turning brutal cold and it was freezing but then the rum came to our rescue and made an equilibrium. In the meantime we convinced a non drinker for a drink but we realized our blunder. As they say everyone enjoys a different high and his high was kind of very new to us. He picked up badminton and started running after one of my friends to beat him with the badminton (and everyone started shouting bancho isko ni pilaenge aage kabhi).

View form our Hotel

So, it was time to try it for the first time and to everyone’s surprise I was not able to inhale it and it hit hard on my throat. It gave a burning sensation and I started coughing. Then after having water, everyone started with their expert advice on how to smoke and inhale it with ease. After a few tries I was able to inhale the smoke properly.

Oh! Remember the guy who was having hookah without knowing about our ill plan of mixing stuff in hookah flavour, he started having a trip. His eyes got moist and light red. For a while he turned sober, calm and showed his emotional side by sharing how hard his life is.

With music on we started grooving with glass in one hand and joint with lighter in one(blunt joint Baar Baar bujhta rehta hai yaar). As it hit us we started experiencing everything in slow-motion and our hunger was on all time high. If provided I could have eaten a full bucket of KFC.

Running out of snacks to eat we headed towards the room in search of more food and when we were about to open the door, we heard some punjabi song and started grooving on it at the gate(it was a super slow motion dance).

In the meantime dinner was served. The food was either scrumptious or I was extremely hungry. The chicken I ate that night was one of the best I have tried till date.

Now, a friend who has the least interaction with women in his life gets a new level of confidence and says ‘bhaiyon saath wale hotel mein chalte hai wahan mein aaj ek ladki se baat karega’. He was so high that instead of taking the road, he started walking towards the stream with hookah in his hand. Instead of stopping him we started dancing and cried for help to the only sober friend in our group to save the hookah guy from drowning whereas we continued to dance.

He got convinced about our idea of going to the hotel by road instead of stream. In Jibhi it is generally advised not to leave the hotel and go on the roads after the sunset as wild animals are generally spotted on the roads. Being high we were supposed to stay put but we still went to see how much courage does this guy have. 

Being a little conscious I picked up a stone of a heart size and carried it all the way to protect all of us from an unexpected attack of animals. After walking a lot in slow motion we reached a small canteen near the hotel and it was all occupied by the college students. Generally I being an extrovert feel confident at such places but that day I felt low on confidence and couldn’t get courage to interact with strangers. We had some maggi to calm our hunger. That guy lost his excitement and confidence within next half an hour.

Instead of going back to our hotel we decided to enjoy the dark beauty of the mountains under the moon. We kept on walking in slow motion for around half an hour on the empty and dark road, filled with fear but still that high enough not to feel it. To take a pause we halted in front of a only house whose door lights were on and sat on the stairs.

After a while a car came and stopped right in front of us. Two drunk people came out of the car and started talking very weirdly among themselves. We got so scared that we pretended to ignore them and started our slow motion walk back to our hotel.

While crossing the said hotel two drunk girls crossed the road in front of us, one of them being too drunk and handled by her less drunk friend(we had a nasheela eye contact) and me being in slow motion and low on confidence couldn’t say anything(not even a hi) and stood still waiting for them to take the stairs.

Weed with rum surely gives thrills of slow motion, a lot of laughter and a lot of hunger but it steals your confidence at the same time.

Before watching videos of sadguru I was mesmerised by my friends and was unaware about the side effects of weed. It used to look cool to brag to people that weed is so cool and Lord Shiva also used to consume it, therefore we must also try to do the same. But after studying law and it is 100% illegal I promised myself to never consume it ever again and you should also never try it or even think about consuming it.

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