Why I would never visit Malana and would never suggest anyone.

Most of you all are aware that Malana village is also known as the oldest democracy, located in Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. There is a cream originated at this place which is known as Malana cream and people pay a heavy price to obtain it. It is kind of a village and people like me are always excited to visit such Remote places. You can google to find more information about this place but here I want to save your time and give you some reasons to skip this place and visit some better place.

  • It is very dirty – You can blame the tourists for this but the locals are also very careless, they themselves throw the garbage on the mountain and litter around their houses. The number of tourists are limited to this place and most of the people who visit it, just go there to collect hash.
  • Parking problem – Yes there is a parking problem and cars are not safe as roads are very narrow.
  • Rude locals – The locals are very rude and they presume that you are there just to buy hash and nothing else. The shopkeepers and locals call you on their shops and ask you to buy the stuff(hash) from them and if you don’t buy it then the locals behave very rude and hurl abuses. 
  • You cannot touch anything – You cannot touch anything(including people) in the village and in case if you touch anything accidently then they can fine you Indian three thousand and five rupees. You need to be prudent while visiting this village. For eg. if you buy a biscuit from a shop then the shopkeeper will throw it out of the shop and ask you to throw the money in the shop or keep it somewhere outside the shop. We all have experienced this in Chinese corona times but it was awkward for me when I visited this village.
  • Caution while taking pictures – At certain places in the village you cannot click pictures and if they catch you clicking pictures at such a place then they start abusing and threatening. One feels very helpless among the angry locals as you cannot contact police officials immediately on a 45-minute trek. There have been many cases where people have gone missing in Parvati valley and a recent one is from 2018 when a guy goes missing in Malana village and is still not found
  • Empty Houses – Most of the houses are empty and I assume that people have moved out of this village. Children come running towards you from narrow streets and ask you to buy hash. 
  • Police checking – After visiting this village while we were returning to Kasol and on our way back, around one kilometer on the way the police officials were waiting for us, ready to check us and our vehicle to see if we had bought any hash. We were lucky that we did not buy any hash so we were allowed to go but you must be aware that hash is illegal in India and you can face imprisonment of up to ten years for possessing hash in any form. Many of my acquaintances have been caught in the same way in Malana and they had to bribe 10-20k to police officials.

So just be safe while travelling this village and if possible you must avoid it. 

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