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We all beautiful people of the 21st century are mature enough to understand that cost includes a lot of things like time, money, diligence and mind investment. So the cost of starting a blog/website has many dimensions and it is not calculated only in terms of rupees or dollars.

What if I told you that you can start your blog without paying a single penny?

What if I told you that you don’t even require a laptop or computer for starting your blog?

What if I told you that you can start your blog right after reading this blog within five minutes.

There are many websites that allows/helps you to get started with your own blog/website. To name a few are wix, wordpress, godaddy and many more. The one I like is wix but it was a little expensive compared to others. My second preference is wordpress and I went with it(you are reading this wordpress).  You can go by your choice and give it a try. I will be talking in terms of wordpress as I am using it.

How to start a website for free?

It is as simple as reading. Due to the competitive market and high demand these websites to lure customers are offering you free hosting space and domain names. You just need to login on the website of your choice login with email ID. Few problems with free domain name and unpaid service is that they will offer you limited space, limited reach and your website will have added to your domain name. For example instead of it would be 

This would not be a problem till the time you are not serious about your blog. You should try it out for a couple of weeks or months before paying for a virtual thing.  I understand we are still going through a mentally where we think twice before paying for services and virtual things.

The day you are sure that you can be diligent with your blog and post regularly on it or you have extra money lying at your disposal you can shift to the premium or business plan or give that money to me. The premium plan starts at around 2500 (Indian rupees two thousand five hundred only) per year which have to be paid annually.

Perks of Shifting To Paid Plans

They will provide you with lot of new features like 

  • New and better layouts(there are many layouts for which they charge around 4-9k extra from the plan),
  • New designs, 
  • New colours,
  • More storage space(only 6gb, to increase space they will demand more money),
  • Better reach(as they say it but there is not proof)

There is no limit to spending money on wordpress. It totally depends on your usage and requirements. There are many bloggers who are running their blogs without shifting to paid plans.

Why do I need to start a blog?

Some famous person said instead to watching watching sports go out and play, instead of lying at home doing nothing read a book, instead of writing captions on Facebook and Instagram start your website/blog, instead of falling in love with useless humans fall in love with words and languages, and blah blah. 

Once you start writing you realize you have so much to say and so much to offer to the world. And if you don’t feel the same way, doesn’t matter as you are still on the free subscription. But you know that many people are out there who are creating such amazing content on their blogs and earning a living out of it.

What Are The Other Costs Included In This process?

The most precious and limited resource required for running a blog is Time. It requires a lot of time to think and write. You might write something and then not post it as you might think that people will judge you and criticize you. You need to overcome the fear of being judged.

After you start posting regularly you inculcate the habit of posting a blog every now and then. When due to some reasons you are not able to write and post you feel uneasy and uncomfortable just like a person who exercises daily and then is not able to do it for a couple of days. 

I might add more points later on.

The thing about blogging is once you have created a successful blog with good content it becomes a part of your life and lives on for ages provided you or someone pay for it regularly.


  1. salmagundisite says:

    Wow. This post helped me so much. I just started a blog and was searching online about it ( where you are only two, three weeks into it), but I found nothing about that. Most of the information online is about mature blogs which left me a little bit confused and lost. Lots of love. Thanks.


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