Travelling in Chinese Corona Times

Only state which was accepting tourists with open arms in the initial months of covid times was Rajasthan. Other states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand were demanding negative covid reports from the tourists. Having gone through the Covid test myself I can assure you that it is a painful process, hence we thought it would be wise to skip Mountains for this trip. 

Many of you would be wondering why a person would have to travel in such extraordinary times and brag about the same. In my defence I was the one of the unfortunate final year students of Delhi University who had to appear for online examinations that too happened after a delay for 4 months. They were stressful times and I badly needed an escape. Though while writing this I got my result and I passed and planned to enroll myself with the bar.

I was lucky enough to get a bunch of friends who shared the same enthusiasm for travelling in such times. I was allowed to travel only on one condition that  after returning I must quarantine myself for at least six days after. Our plan was to visit Udaipur- the city of lakes and Mountabu for three days but it turned out to be a trip of seven days.

As soon as we left Delhi we were sure that we all are going to be infected with coronavirus as Rajasthan was the hotspot of coronavirus at that time and was having large number of cases but we were also sure that we will recover easily as all the major news channels were blabbering that youngster can easily fight the virus.

The major part of the trip was SANITIZER, Mask and loads of precautions. Thanks to the government for implementing contactless toll booths but not so thanks to the technology as they were not working properly and we were forced to pay cash on most of the tolls. Rajasthan must be applauded for the amazing and flawless roads but what is not right is the abandoned animals on the roads especially cows. They pose a greater threat for the safety of people driving on roads.

Most of the places like tourist destinations and hotels were not having sufficient visitors due to the fear of the virus. But the people who were travelling and the people of Rajasthan seemed to care less for the virus and behaved like corona was a thing of the past or maybe people living in remote villages were not even aware about the corona shit. 

The major challenges were wearing masks on the go, finding hotels which were open for tourists, getting pictures with masks, getting prior bookings for tourist places as many of the destinations were not open. For an instance we almost reached Jodhpur but then we got to know that Jodhpur was still not open for tourists and they were registering around 100-200 cases per day. The entry of anyone after 8pm was not allowed.

Travelling in corona times was a different kind of experience as it was all empty and crowdless. The tourist destinations were not flooded with tourists and we were able to enjoy it with calmness and tranquility. Many of my friends are travelling to various parts of India in Corona times and they are saying this is the best time to visit any destination as you can have the raw and local experience of the destination. 

P.s. – It is very cheap to travel in such a time as everyone is giving you great deals but make sure to take precaution and think about your elders before you decide to embark on travel journey and do get tested as you return.

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